Seattle Man Arrested, Charged With Mailing Explosive Packages To Military Bases

43 year old Thanh Cong Phan was arrested earlier this week at his trailer in Everett, Washington and charged with sending packages to FBI headquarters as well as numerous military bases. Apparently Phan was already known to law enforcement as well as the FBI for repeatedly sending “rambling letters” to government agencies. Now he is being credited for sending 11 packages containing explosive material to various places as well as the White House, each with a letter about “neuropsychology, mind control and other subjects including terrorism.” Authorities say it was these notes that led them to suspect him. The complaint filed in Seattle`s U.S. District Court says that the packages contained “a glass vial/bottle containing an unknown black powder with a fuse, and a small black Global Positioning System (GPS) device”. No one was hurt by any of the packages.

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