Why Won`t David Hogg Debate His Peers?

Anti 2nd Amendment antagonist and system tool David Hogg has been challenged by several of his peers to a debate, yet has failed to take them up. Kyle Kashuv, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student that mass media is blacking out, has been very vocal in his defense of the 2nd Amendment and against the Hogg agenda. He`s sent requests to Hogg to debate in a one on one arena with no response. Another of his peers, Rex Jones, the son of Alex Jones from InfoWars has also challeneged him with no response. It seems Hogg is content to stick to safe spaces where he can safely bully his opponents and where his agenda won`t be challenged.

One thought on “Why Won`t David Hogg Debate His Peers?”

  1. In response to: Why Won`t David Hogg Debate His Peers? Hogg has confessed to NOT being at school during the shooting. He went there soon AFTERWARDS _ why was he healthy and missing school “JUST SO HAPPENED DURING the SHOOTING? PRIOR KNOWLEDGE??? To that degree I also am a SURVIVOR of the Florida School Shooting (I was in Texas, and am not enrolled or employed in school at age 66). BTW, Just how old IS DAVID HOGG REALLY??? So HOGG is a MAJOR LIAR about being at a MAJOR DEVASTATING FELONY ASSAULT goes around making Brownshirt/Hitler/Stalinist arguments AGAINST THE RATIFIED CONSTITUTION of the United States of America the INSTRUMENT that was responsible for preventing the USA from going straight from One Dictatorship into ANOTHER Dictatorship, on an endless roll of Dictatorships as the ONE UNIQUE FEATURE that distinguished the USA overthrow of Dictatorship (King George III) from all the other nations who have overthrown dictatorships, yet went on to RE-ESTABLISH other, successive dictatorships and Constitutions, from that very day such as MEXICO, GERMANY, and many other nations. AND LIBERALS think it is Fair to say, Hogg can be more likely have a better future than Michael Flynn, Jr.???? Because Hogg competing with Obama is a healthy Life Direction for a “17 yr old to choose??? LOL! Yeah, sure! Lots of people want there to be a Joseph Goebbels in their family line.


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