Jimmy “America`s Conscience” Kimmel`s Xenophobic Attack On First Lady Melania Trump

Will there be calls for boycotts of his sponsors over this?

Morals are something the left has never been known for. Of course they`ll pretend to hold the moral high ground and play the victim card attacking anyone for things they deem offensive (whether they actually are or not), but meanwhile they`ll commit the vilest lowest attacks they can. The latest is Jimmy Kimmel`s xenophobic attack on First Lady Melania Trump`s participation at the annual Easter egg hunt at the White House. Melania, who speaks 5 languages is from Slovenia, read a book to  a group of children on the White House lawn. Kimmel, who the left had nicknamed “America`s Conscience” took this opportunity and attacked her and her accent in a nearly 3 minute long racist and xenophobic monologue. Of course you can be disgusted at such a vile attack, but in the end they are just showing their own hypocrisy and intolerance. It`s no surprise there is so much division in America when the left holds up xenophobes as being “America`s Conscience”.

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