While Mass Media Covers A Fake Starbucks Story, They Ignore A Real Interracial Assault

While mass media continues to get everyone up in arms about 2 black men who were arrested at a Starbucks for REFUSING TO LEAVE WHEN ASKED TO, a brutal beating of a white security guard by 3 black teens is being completely ignored. A quick google search shows only an article from the local newspaper and one from a news outlet in the UK. Nothing appears on this from any of the major news outlets that have been covering the fake Starbucks story. The only one covering it- The Miami Herald has just a one line statement saying “A security guard from Tallahassee, Florida, was brutally beaten by three young people, after he asked them to end a pool party that was held “without authorization” on April 1, 2018. Officers are now looking for the aggressors.

Why aren`t there any outlets addressing this hate crime? Is there some kind of double standard in news reporting?

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