Black Man Gets Probation For Hate Crime After Threatening To Set White Man On Fire

20 year old Anfernee Maragh was given 3 years probation for what this article calls an “anti- white bias crime”. In reality this was a hate crime that Anfernee was arrested for in 2016 in which he threatened to set a white man on fire and flicked a lighter at him after telling him he was anti white. According to the criminal complaint “Maragh flicked a lighter in the direction of the victim while sitting across from the man, and snarled, “What the f— are you looking at? I’m anti-white, I’ll set you on fire,“. If this had been a white man who threatened to set a black man on fire you can imagine the outrage and protests that would ensue. Unsurprisingly however, the only mention of this is found on a local news site.

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