Possible Hate Crime In New York

Yahoo news posted an article this morning about a possible hate crime that occurred in New York. The story is that a man wearing a Make America Great Again shirt and hat assaulted a Hispanic man after a verbal altercation on the subway. He is said to have approached the Hispanic man after exiting the train where he punched him several times and then pushed him onto the tracks. This is said to be being treated as a hate crime. What is notable about this however is that the suspect in this case is a black man. In today`s legal system, blacks being charged with hate crimes are few and far between. This includes when they torture a mentally disabled white man for hours while calling him racial slurs on camera. The article from Yahoo news, who have shown their own racial bias in reporting and should be investigated for their role in the FISA warrant creation, states in a 12 sentence article no less than three times that the suspect is wearing a red Make America Great Again shirt and hat. In all honesty, this seems a bit too convenient, but nevertheless it shows the bias in who the victim needs to be in order to constitute a hate crime.

Update here: https://nypost.com/2019/06/27/maga-hat-wearing-thug-convicted-of-pushing-hispanic-man-onto-subway-tracks/

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