Marco Rubio Urges Education, Justice Depts to Review Broward County Schools’ Discipline and Safety Policies

Marco Rubio asks Justice Dept to look into Broward Counties refusal to address violent students as well as investigate why they had access to $100 million for school safety but spent only $6 million. The list as posted on his site here states that

  1. For a number of years, the Broward County School Board had access to $100 million for school safety improvements – less than $6 million of which was spent.
  2. When determining awardees for certain grants, the U.S. Department of Education (the department) gave preferential treatment to school districts with discipline policies that discouraged schools from reporting certain violent behaviors to law enforcement.
  3. The department awarded federal grants to Broward County, in part, because of the county’s revised discipline policies to end the “zero-tolerance” policies in an effort to reduce the number of school-based arrests.
  4. School Resource Officers were directed not to arrest students for certain felonies.
  5. In 2016, Broward County schools had the highest ratio in Florida of cases involving weapons – with about 15 cases for every 10,000 student – despite the Broward School Board reporting that arrests were on the decline.
  6. Claims that schools were intentionally classifying violent acts and felonies as non-violent acts or misdemeanors in order to prevent a referral to law enforcement.

The refusal to address violent students stems from the Obama era Promise Act, which sought to end the “school to prison pipeline” and rewarded schools for going lenient on those involved in criminal activity. This goes all the way back to Trayvon Martin. The link to our post here shares links that go in depth about the Promise Act and it`s relation to Trayvon Martin and Nikolas Cruz. Marco Rubio addressed the Promise Act as well on the senate floor after Parkland.

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