Woman Goes On Racially Motivated Attack In 7-11. National News Silent.

A shocking video out of a California 7-11 shows a black woman going on a racially motivated attack, verbally assaulting the cashier and other customers after not being allowed to move ahead of the other customers in line. After being denied this entitlement she reportedly began yelling at the cashier “Go back to Mexico,” “You’re fat,” and “You’re ugly,” and yelled at the other customers being “f*cking Mexicans”. A homeless Mexican man who was a customer in the store tried to calm her down and was subsequently physically assaulted and beaten by a black male who was with the woman. Security who were present did nothing to intervene and were assaulted as well with the woman yelling “He’s a f—ing traffic officer … he can’t touch me.”

We wonder why this violent racist attack has not received national news attention. We can only imagine that if the couple were a lighter skin color that this would have been headline news with the blame being put on “President Trump`s divisive rhetoric”. There`d be calls for justice for those affected, cries to “end racism” etc. However none of this has happened for some reason. It should also be noted that this attack happened during the May Day rally in Los Angelos. May Day- May 1st is a traditional communist and leftist holiday in which violence and vandalism is common.

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