Upcoming Trial Dates For Violent Antifa Teacher & College Professor

Trial dates are upcoming for 2 violent antifa associates. The first is for Yvette Felarca who is the the leader and spokesperson for the anti-fascist group By Any Means Necessary. She was charged after being caught on video repeatedly punching a man in the stomach at a rally in California back in 2016. Her preliminary hearing will be held this upcoming Friday May 18th. Her lawyers tried to get her felony charges dropped by claiming she was only charged as part of a witch hunt but were denied. The fact is that she is being charged due to a violent assault she committed against another person based on her opposition to their political beliefs and right to free speech. Charging her for doing so is not a witch hunt.

Eric Clanton is another antifa associate who has a trial date coming up. Clanton was arrested in June of 2017 “… on three counts of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that isn’t a firearm and assault causing great bodily injury“. His charges stem from hitting people in the head with a bike lock. Video below. What made Clanton`s case unique was that even though he was wearing a mask concealing his identity, he was hunted down by the users at 4Chan who went through hours of footage from rallies matching him up out of hundreds of people by comparing articles of clothing. The attacks  took place at free speech rallies, pro Trump rallies etc in which he also targeted people based on his opposition to their politics and right to free speech. His preliminary hearing is June 12th.

What`s most disturbing is that both of these individuals who were involved in violent assaults against people whose speech they disagreed with are both school teachers. Yvette Felarca is a middle school teacher and Eric Clanton is a college professor. Another prominent antifa member Dwayne Dixon who is a leader in Redneck Revolt, is also a college professor who bragged online about chasing a man with a gun because he didn`t like his politics. There are many more of these violent radical leftists who have infiltrated our educational system and are currently indoctrinating impressionable minds. The question is- Do we really want people in teaching roles who are so opposed to the 1st Amendment right of free speech that they will go so far as to carry out violent attacks against those whose speech they do not like? Is this what we want the future generations of America to be taught is ok?

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