City Orders Removal Of Anarchy Symbol After Designating It A Hate Symbol, Tearing Down Leftist’s Monuments & More

In keeping up with their totalitarian anti free speech agenda, leftists continue to advocate for the banning of things they do not agree with. Whether it`s a conservative news host, a college speaker, a flag or symbol, music or books they go to all ends to try to get them banned. What they have failed to understand is that one day you may be on the receiving end. You can`t advocate for banning and tearing down things that you don`t like and then cry when it happens to you.

In the first story, the City of Hamilton has ordered a local anarchist group to remove the symbol A from its headquarters after designating it a hate symbol in a similar vein as the swastika. This removal order stems after masked anarchists rioted and destroyed property after a book fair in March. Of course they are in a tizzy about their symbol being banned and don`t seem to like it much when the boot is on their neck.

In another story, establishment media outlet- Vice News, ran an article on their facebook page crying that illegal aliens were being banned from purchasing political ads on facebook. This is the same establishment news outlet that rejoices when people or pages they disagree with are banned. The top comment on their facebook post also addresses Vice`s hypocrisy on the subject in general saying

” Vice news: “Russian propaganda influenced the election and we shouldn’t allow foreign nationals to influence our democracy.”

Also Vice news: “We need to allow foreign nationals to use propaganda to influence the next election as long as it fits our narrative.”

Finally, people are upset that a student tore down a Black Lives Matter mural at Apex High. The student said that he found the mural to be offensive and inappropriate. Well, by leftists standards, that`s all the reason you need to tear something down. If it offends you, it must be torn down.

Again, free speech is there to protect your ideas in the face of adversity. If you do advocate for banning and tearing down things that you don`t like, you can`t cry when it happens to you.

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