Jeffery Shaun King Pushes Another Fake Story About Police Harassment

We posted an article the other day containing several stories from people who have claimed to have been harassed by the police based on their race. Among those were some pretty prominent figures, a naacp president, a board of educations member and a chairman of a police oversight committee. The only problem is that all of these stories turned out to be fake. That article here. Today, another story that was pushed hard by Jeffery Shaun King has fallen apart after bodycam footage was released. The claim made by 37-year-old Sherita Dixon-Cole was that she was sexually harassed by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper after a traffic stop that led to her arrest for DWI. Sherita claimed that the trooper said he would let her go in exchange for sexual favors and when she refused she claimed he “forcefully groped, fondled and vaginally penetrated during a prolonged arrest that included assaults outside and inside of the police vehicle.” Jeffery King posted on his facebook page (in short) that when Sherita`s fiance showed up at the traffic stop the officer told her that he would shoot him if she mentioned the assault to him. He told the fiance to leave and then drove her to an empty car lot where he tried to sexually assault her again, but once again the fiance showed up. At this time she was transported to the jail. This story of course enraged his followers, and a trooper in a neighboring county who had the same name was given police protection as threats mounted. As evidenced by the nearly 2 hour long bodycam footage below, the whole story turned out to be fake. Not only is Shaun King creating racial division and hatred with the things he posts, but he is also pushing fake news. This is just one of many stories he has posted that have turned out to be fake. We wonder when facebook will take down Shaun King`s page for pushing fake news. As for Sherita, not only is she sitting on her DWI charge, but now more charges may be coming.

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