Georgia Governor Candidate Stacey Abrams Pulls The Race Card

Mass media is ecstatic that Georgia may get it`s first black female governor. Even though it doesn`t matter if she is qualified or not, all they care about is that she is a poc who aligns with the radical left. For them, this is #Progress. Stacey Abrams fits into this category. She is a black woman who despite being accepted into Yale College and then going on to make $95,000 a year at her first job after graduating, still pulled the race and gender card. In talking about her $50,000 in IRS debt and $170,000 in credit card and college loan debt she saysThe difficulty of catching up and moving forward isn’t all in your head. Systemic biases, legacy barriers, and current explosions of inequality conspire to undermine wealth generation among minorities, and especially women in these communities“. As always, if you want to absolve yourself of personal responsibility all you have to do is pull the race card, and then Blam! It`s not your fault anymore. Abrams has also said that one way she wants to “exorcise the demons of white supremacy from the state” is by getting rid of Stone Mountain. Georgia voters have a decision to make in this upcoming election, whether they want a radical social justice warrior who would most likely work to transform the state into a California or Maryland, or one who govern based on conservative values.

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