Trial Underway For FBI Agent In LaVoy Finicum Case

As reported by KOIN:

The FBI agent accused of lying about firing two shots at Robert “Lavoy” Finicum during the takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge was in court Tuesday for the second day of a evidentiary hearing.

Investigators said FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita failed to disclose that he fired errant shots at Finicum.

Astarita pleaded not guilty to five charges including two counts of obstruction of justice and three counts of making a false statement.

You can read more here.

This case comes after a federal judge dismissed all charges against the Bundy`s and others who were with LaVoy in the Malheur standoff. Read more about that and watch the American Standoff documentary here

Rancher Ryan Bundy is currently running for Governor of Nevada. You can support him on his facebook here

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