Free Tommy Robinson

This past week a man in the UK was arrested outside of a court mid livestream while waiting for the verdict on a grooming gang trial. The grooming gangs are gangs of muslims in the UK who target underage White / British girls for rape and prostitution. They have been operating for over 40 years and until recently were not investigated by the police for fear of an investigation being called racist. There is said to be over 1,000 victims. Read more here 

A trial of two of those charged took place last week, and one man- Tommy Robinson was livestreaming outside of the courthouse while waiting to hear the verdict. In the middle of his livestream he was arrested for “incitement/breach of the peace”. In less than a day he was arrested, charged and sentenced to jail. And not only that, the judge put a gag order on the media restricting them from reporting on it (A thread on that here with some addendums at the end). The arrest of a man reporting on a trial involving child rapists and the subsequent banning of media being able to report his arrest has led to protests and worldwide outrage. Donald Trump Jr even sent a tweet denouncing this tyranny. This is the state of free speech / media freedom / justice in the UK. This is why we can never let our rights be infringed upon here.

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