This Week In Racism

In the past we`ve run stories titled- Today`s Headline In Racism with the purpose of showing just how idiotic the left has gotten with their claims of racism. The intent of these posts is to also show the double standards in what is called racist and what is not, and how it is addressed by mass media. Whether it`s creating racism out of nothing or committing Fake Hate Crimes, not only do these things instill fear and distress in those who are supposedly the victims, but it also creates a backlash and unjustified hatred against whites who are already regularly targeted as a group for collective racism. In short, it does nothing but create division and hatred between groups of people as a whole- those who think they are being victimized and those who are falsely accused of victimizing them.

Let`s get started. The first story for this post comes from the once great city of London. London today is a crime ridden city which has seen an increase in crime since social change activist Sadiq Khan was elected mayor in 2016.  Sadiq Kahn, who once called moderate Muslims Uncle Toms is known for his pro immigrant anti British positions and has been in several rows with President Trump over his policies, not only trying to rile up people to protest President Trump if he came to the UK, but asking for an outright travel ban on him. Meanwhile. in February and March the homicide rate in London surpassed that of Trump`s home city of New York for the first time in history. Despite the crime and rising murder rate including a recent suspected machine gun shooting, the mayor`s office has a serious issue they need to deal with- The fact that London`s bicyclists are mostly white middle class men. In order to combat this, Sadiq Khan`s new bicyclist tsar has declared that he “wants to diversify cycling  to stop London’s cycling routes being overwhelmed by middle class men.” Perhaps they can institute bike sharing programs modeled on the same success as the ones in American cities like Baltimore, South Bend, and St Louis.

The next story could be an article straight from The Onion as it even surpasses the idiocy of the outrage caused by the fake Starbucks debacle. In this story, a black woman named Lillian who is a “professional equity activist” goes to a bakery in Portland, Oregon and gets denied service because it was after closing time. From what I understand in reading the story, the shop still had customers in it however the employees had stopped serving. They state that the outside sign had been turned off but could not lock the doors to keep people from coming in because it would violate safety laws as people were still inside dining. It is customary in restaurants to let customers stay after closing to finish their meals as the employees shut down the kitchen and then go on to clean up the dining area afterwards. Lillian the “professional equity activist” however goes on facebook denouncing her refusal to being served after hours as evidence of racism. Instead of standing by their employees right to deny service after closing time, Back To Eden Bakery- the establishment in question, responds by firing the two employees and issuing an extensive groveling apology which can only have been brought on by an extreme case of white guilt and weakness. The statement in part says “Knowing that we are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country, we see it as our moral and personal responsibility to use our platform and privilege to support marginalized communities, educate the public about the very serious issues facing people of color and demand meaningful change. We are not only allied with you, but we would like to consider ourselves fully committed along with you to the social justice revolution this country sorely needs.” While they admit the employees did nothing wrong, they say they fired these 2 women anyway because Lillian the “professional equity activist” and the clamoring public demanded it.

College campuses once again make the Headlines In Racism. While discrimination (disguised as diversity) is rampant on campuses, it appears that it is not just a product of student activists, but it is also a well paying job. At a time when college students are being drowned in debt, Intellectual Takeout reports that The University of Michigan currently employs a diversity staff of nearly 100 diversity officials with a total payroll of $8.4 million. Robert Sellers, The Vice Provost For Equity And Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer is paid an annual salary of almost $400,000 alone. This is as much as the U.S. President`s salary, all in the name of diversity.

In the video below from Lewiston, Maine a gang of Somali refugees attack and beat people at Kennedy Park. Despite the mayor saying such attacks are common at the park, I have not seen any plans for a march for inclusion or any diversity programs being set up to combat these attacks. Likewise, several years ago the Knockout Game was a national epidemic that saw mostly whites being randomly targeted by blacks for assault. There was never any media condemnation or discussion about racism in these instances. Why not?

We`ve saved the best for last. In the final one for today`s post, an article titled “How White Women Use Strategic Tears To Silence Women Of Color” is a pretty telling article. It`s a disgusting article if you read it through as it attempts to negate the feelings of white women in defending themselves against claims of racism by collectively designating them as a racist oppressive group, but once you realize that it is a temper tantrum being thrown by people who are upset that white women would dare defend themselves against accusations of racism, their agenda becomes clear. It further shows the race based hatred that dominates the left and how irate they become if you do not submit to their race based bullying. It`s kind of funny that the left claim to fight against “The War On Women”, yet continually single out white women for attacks. We`ve posted some articles on our site here and there which include Dear White Women: Interracial Relationships and Biracial Children Do Not Absolve You of Racism to more broad ones claiming that you are supporting white supremacy just for being part of a white family. The attack on white women is well rooted in the mainstream establishment as well with news outlets like Yahoo pushing double standards, and don`t forget the universal support for Hillary Clinton despite her saying that the reason she lost the election was basically because white women are weak and are controlled by their husbands. The post here sums up what the War On Women is really about.

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