Leftist Posing As White Supremacist Arrested For Online Threat

This is one of those stories that can fall into the Fake Hate Crime category. Admittedly the logic behind it is a bit confusing, but what else would you expect from the left? In this case it`s alleged that  32 year old leftist Eric Radulovic posted online pretending to be a white supremacist who advocated pretending to be antifa to shoot and kill white supremacists at a free speech rally in Boston. His logic in trying to get white supremacists to shoot other white supremacists was that it would make antifa look bad and drum up support for white supremacists. Make sense? Not to me either…

As we noted in an earlier post here, antifa as well as leftists in general target free speech rallies and violently attack them using the narrative that they are white supremacist rallies. While there are rallies sponsored by such people, the majority do fall under this category. At this particular Boston rally, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai who is challenging Elizabeth Warren for her senate seat, was a guest speaker. And once again we have a false flag perpetrated by a leftist in order to smear people they disagree with.

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