Social Justice Warriors Attack Iceland`s World Cup Video

Social justice warriors are on the warpath again, this time the target is Iceland`s FIFA World Cup promo video. The 14 second animated video can be seen here. Check it out and see what you can find wrong with it and then come back and continue reading.

Did you see anything wrong with it? Did it offend you in anyway? No? That is why it is so important to have social justice warriors to point out everything offensive, racist, chauvinist, intolerant, hateful and just plain too white in society. What would we do without them? For those of you who did not find anything wrong with this video, here is the list:

1) The players are depicted as “inhuman, blood-thirsty barbarians” and “man slayers” with blood on their shirts.

2) The video is “chauvinistic” and “distasteful.”

3) The video shows a half naked barbarian with a football.

4) The video portrays “…some kind of Aryan undertones. Only a quarter away from ‘white power’ imagery.”

Did you see all of that? If not then congratulations, you are a racist supremacist chauvinistic barbarian.


1) The video does not show blood on their shirts. The red is actually part of their uniform.

2) Aryan is the proper term used to designate White Europeans and dates all the way back to the ancient Sanskrit word Arya. It has been used freely throughout history and it wasn`t until the last 70 years or so that it was deemed an offensive word. The video simply shows the Icelandic players as Vikings, whom they were, and it draws on the Viking spirit for battle in relation to their competing in the FIFA cup. This attempt to categorize Viking imagery with a now offensive designation is a reflection of their own hatred for European culture.

3) Aside from trying to paint Vikings in a bad light, the outrage over using Viking imagery comes from their desire to emasculate men. There is nothing they hate more than a strong alpha male and people who will stand up to their bullying.

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