The “White Supremacist” Narrative Doesn`t Hold Up

White supremacist, nazi, racist- those terms were overused prior to Trump being elected, but in the President Trump era they have officially lost all meaning as blacks, gays and Jewish people have been labeled as such. Today they are the catch all terms used to describe anyone the left doesn`t agree with, but most disturbingly, they are terms used to try to silence speech. The left hates free speech, they don`t want their ideas challenged. Their platform is based on emotion instead of logic and they can`t hold up their arguments so they attack free speech rallies and protest college speakers. Instead of trying to have a free exchange of ideas in an open and fair debate / platform, they want to impose their ideology on you forcefully. You’ve seen just about every free speech rally in the US being violently opposed by masked antifa members who make no qualms about attacking anyone including the elderly, women and children. They pretend that they are fighting white supremacists, nazis and racist, but what they are really fighting against is free speech. The image below is from the recent Free Speech Rally in Portland that was sponsored by Patriot Prayer.

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