28 Year Old Man Charged With Sucker Punching 67 Year Old Woman In The Face. National Media Silent.

Going back to yesterday`s post about the national media blackout about a black woman who bashed a white woman in the head while shouting racial slurs, we have another story today that is being ignored. This one involves 28 year old convicted felon Derrick McMath who viciously punched a 67 year old woman in the face on a Chicago train. The Chicago PD said this was a completely unprovoked attack on the woman who was just sitting there reading her kindle. It was reported that nothing was stolen from her, that McMath balled up his fist, hit her in the face and kept moving. After exiting the train he was later arrested after getting caught allegedly stealing a pair of shoes They have reported that the woman may lose her eyesight due to the attack. As stated here: “Police said McMath, of the 11000 block of South 76th Avenue, Worth, was convicted of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in 2008.”

After searching extensively online I have not been able to find out any info on the victim. It appears from the photo that she may be a white woman. If this is the case, it makes the cover up even more disgusting as it reinforces the double standards in the way hate crimes are reported.

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