U.K. Rappers Have Lyrics Censored By Court

The U.K. has had some rather disturbing stories come out lately involving restrictions on free speech, including jailing people just for posting offensive comments online. Now, in the first case of it`s kind, a rap group has “seen their ability to release music with violent lyrics heavily restricted by a court” and “will now have to notify police every time they put new content out“. In addition to this they “must also inform police within 24 hours of releasing new videos and reveal at least 48 hours in advance the time and location of any new recording or performance” as well as “allow for officers to attend“. The ruling comes as the police blame rap music for the rising violence in London.

As much as I bring up the violent lyrics in rap music I am completely against this censorship. The left regularly tries to censor speech, but as this case shows, when they call for free speech restrictions they don’t think it could apply to them as well. No matter what your thoughts are on violent rap music if you’re “on the right”, you shouldn’t be celebrating this censorship either.

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