Multiple News Outlets Reporting That Trump Bashing Puerto Rico Mayor Is Now Under FBI Investigation

Carmen Cruz became a liberal hero for criticizing President Trump’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria swept over the island. He was accused of incompetency and (predictably enough) racism, as claims that financial and material aid as well as food and water were not being sent as needed. Stories slowly started coming out however that the that the supplies were in fact being sent, but that recovery efforts may have been sabotaged and the people of the island were left helpless simply as an effort to hurt the Trump administration. Most of mass media ignored these accusations however and glorified her for slamming President Trump. Time magazine featured her as one of the most influential people of 2018 and she was given an appearance on Stephen Colbert`s show as well as others. She was recently given the Latina Champion award at the Latina & Power Symposium in Connecticut and an honorary doctorate at Boston University. While she has been touring the U.S. on her liberal appreciation tour, the people of Puerto Ricoa are still in the recovery process. As mentioned, mass media has not addressed the accusations of sabotage, however it seems the FBI are. While the FBI does not comment on ongoing investigations, multiple news outlets are reporting that Carmen Cruz is under investigation.

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