Radical Leftist Article Claims White Women Are Racist And Are Not Allowed To Defend Themselves Against These Accusations

We originally posted this excerpt in our “This Week In Racism” series, which is a series designed to point out everything racist whites are accused of. I`m reposting it on it`s own because it so blatantly lays out the agenda of “anti racists”.

An article titled “How White Women Use Strategic Tears To Silence Women Of Color” is a pretty telling article. The point it tries to make is that white women are part of an oppressive group and therefore their feelings do not matter when people of color tell them they are racist. In this regard, it`s a disgusting article to read through as it attempts to negate the feelings of white women in defending themselves against claims of racism by collectively designating them as a racist oppressive group. One quote says “…white women are equally aware their race privileges them as surely as ours condemns us. In this context, their tearful displays are a form of emotional and psychological violence that reinforce the very system of white dominance that many white women claim to oppose.“. If you read the article and read between the lines however, you realize that it is actually a temper tantrum being thrown by people who are upset that white women would dare defend themselves against accusations of racism. In that regard, their agenda becomes clear. It shows the race based hatred that dominates the left and how irate they become if you do not submit to their race based bullying. In short, you are racist because you`re white, you are not allowed to defend yourself, you must submit to their bullying, if you do not submit then circle back to the beginning- you are racist.

It`s kind of funny that the left claim to fight against “The War On Women”, yet continually single out white women for attacks. We`ve posted some articles on our site here and there which include Dear White Women: Interracial Relationships and Biracial Children Do Not Absolve You of Racism to more broad ones claiming that you are supporting white supremacy just for being part of a white family. The attack on white women is well rooted in the mainstream establishment as well with news outlets like Yahoo pushing double standards, and don`t forget the universal support for Hillary Clinton despite her saying that the reason she lost the election was basically because white women are weak and are controlled by their husbands. The post here sums up what the War On Women is really about.

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