Leftists Harass Black Female Gun Rights Activist On Twitter Until She Deactivates Her Account

Racism, racism, racism! There are stories about racism everyday. Some get media attention, and some don`t. Curiously it seems that the stories of racism perpetrated by the left are the ones that do not get attention. We noted the incident at the Cheesecake Factory in Florida that got no national attention, in which a black man who was wearing a MAGA hat was verbally assaulted to the point that him and his party left the restaurant. This was in comparison to the fake Starbucks incident that led to national outrage. Now we have another case of leftists using racist slurs in their bullying and harassment of a black female, and once again, no national attention or cries to end racist bullying. This one got so bad that the woman targeted wound up deactivating her twitter account to avoid the harassment.

Here`s the story- Kaitlin Bennett, the girl who`s photo went viral after posing with an AR-10 in her graduation photo, recently attended an open carry rally to protest gun control legislation in Ohio. With her at the rally was her friend Natalie who has been active with her on such issues in the past. A picture was posted of the 2 ladies on Kaitlin`s twitter account with the caption “The best way to empower women is to support our right to self-defense. Thanks to @Natalie_lyn67 for being the most badass friend ever and standing up for the #2A with me today! #GunRightsAreWomensRights”. For whatever reason this set the leftist twitter mob into a frenzy and they began attacking Natalie, calling her a token black girl, making fun of her appearance, and more. This all coming from the tolerant left who claim to fight against racism, against bullying and against the #WarOnWomen. It got so bad that Natalie eventually deactivated her account, and once again the leftist bullies are held unaccountable for their actions.

Candace Owens is another African American woman who received the same harassment and bullying from the left but refused to be a victim. She is now an outspoken activist working with Turning Point USA and fighting the double standards and herd mentality of the left as well as independence from the democrat party for African Americans. You can read about that and hear an interview with her on this here.

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