2 Teens Charged With Carjacking & Killing 75 Year Old Woman

75 year old Clara Jeanna Barna was in her garage shortly after exiting her vehicle when she was attacked by 17-year-olds Teihjon Shannon and David Paul Jones. Reports allege that the two grabbed her keys and Jones jumped into the car and sped backwards out of the garage while Shannon was holding Clara Jeanna. In the chaos both Shannon and Clara were struck, with Shannon receiving non life threatening injuries. Clara on the other hand suffered more severe injuries, including a fractured skull and broken back. She was then drug back into the garage where she was left to die.

The two were captured after attempting to do a “dine and dash” at a Denny`s just 3 miles from Clara`s home. A dine and dash is when people will eat at a restaurant and then leave out without paying. Just prior to the carjacking and murder of Clara, Teihjon Shannon was arrested for criminal trespassing and released on bail. He jumped bail and did not show up for his court appearance which was the next day. For David Paul Jones, this was his second carjacking in the same amount of time. Apparently he had stolen a truck and were spotted with it later and confronted. It was at that time that police say they ran through nearby neighborhoods until they saw Clara Jeanna Barna driving into her garage.

Carjackings became the “new thing” back in the early 90`s curiously coinciding with the explosion of gangster rap, with most of these violent incidents being perpetrated by black Americans. One of the more horrific stories was that of 6 year old Jake Robel, who became tangled in his seat belt trying to escape the vehicle after his mother’s blazer was stolen. He was dragged for 4 miles before motorists were able to surround the car at a stoplight and stop him. You hadn`t heard much about carjackings in the last few years, but more and more cases have been reported especially here in Baltimore and the surrounding counties the last few years with several disturbing stories involve mostly young teenagers targeting the elderly. 80 year old “Rikki” Spector was beaten and carjacked in a parking garage at the Inner Harbor by a 13 and 15 year old. A 69 year old man was run over by his own car after being beaten by a group of teens all aged 15 and 16.  A 14 and 16 year old girl were charged with attacking a pregnant school teacher and stealing her phone and car. 68-year-old Alonzo Jackson was shot and killed in a car jacking while pumping gas at 7 in the morning. The list goes on and on.

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