Alt Left Tries To Politicize Annapolis Gazette Shooting, Ignores Other Mass Shootings

Until the identity of Jarrod Ramos was released, the alt left was in a fury accusing President Trump of being responsible for the shooting at the Capital Gazette through his stoking of “anti journalist sentiment”. Among those accusing him was Reuter`s editor Rob Cox who in a now deleted tweet, tweeted that “This is what happens when @realDonaldTrump calls journalists the enemy of the people. Blood is on your hands, Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul,”. As it turned out, Jarrod Ramos had a long standing personal feud with the newspaper that stretched back to 2012, long before President Trump was even involved in politics. Afterwards he deleted the tweet and while apologizing for his actions, did not directly apologize to President Trump. It`s not clear yet whether he has been given any disciplinary actions or will be fired for his inflammatory remarks.

Another interesting thing to point out with Jarrod Ramos, is that just like Nikolas Cruz, the alt left has taken a mixed race individual and stated that another white guy goes on a mass shooting. The question surrounding this is-  Why does the alt left only call mixed race individuals white when they want to portray them negatively? Had Jarrod won a seat in an election, they would have ran stories like “Overcoming Annapolis`s Racist History, Hispanic Man Wins Historic Seat In Local Election”, or something similar. Questions also remain as to why some mass shootings are politicized while others aren`t. Just earlier this month there was a shooting that left 22 injured and one dead at an art fest in New Jersey. This quite possibly was the worst mass shooting in New Jersey`s history but it was quickly dropped from headlines when it was learned that it was a result of a rival gang feud. Another one occurred in Dallas, Texas earlier this month that received no coverage. This one took place on a football field where locals had been getting together to play each other. During one of the games a man rode across the field on a moped open firing, at which time gun fire was returned back at him. Five people including a pregnant girl were hit. A shooting at a bbq in Baltimore took place this past weekend as well when someone walked into the yard where the bbq was taking place and open fired. 6 people were injured in that, yet there has been no reference on the news to this being a mass shooting. In Chicago where shootings happen regularly, the Chicago Tribune ran a story last week stating that “40 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago, including five in an attack after a party in Bronzeville“. Where`s the outrage?

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