Protesting The Left. They Threw This Boomerang

We talked the other day about the left becoming more and more unhinged and their use of violence and intimidation against their political rivals. We talked about how them throwing this boomerang was ultimately going to have it come back to them. The main topic of that post was in reference to Low IQ Maxine Waters saying democrats need to harass anyone from the Trump administration that they see in public. Obviously we do not advocate violence and threats, but after throwing this boomerang we have to report that Low IQ Maxine has reportedly canceled several events due to threats of violence against her. People have also gathered outside of her house to protest her violent rhetoric. In another story, The Red Hen Restaurant kicked out White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and refused to serve her and her family. People have since gathered outside the Red Hen regularly protesting them and their intolerance. Corey Stewart, who is running for Virginia Senate seat against radical leftist Tim Kaine also showed up for a protest outside of the Red Hen. In meeting violence with violence, Patriotic protestors who were attacked in Portland yesterday by violent antifa terrorists fought back, knocking out several of them. You can view that video here. This is their boomerang. Will they learn their lesson before it escalates to a point of no return? If you’re on the left and see the damage being caused by their violent rhetoric and actions, look up the #WalkAway Campaign and encourage others to #Resist their agenda before it`s too late..

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