Samantha Bee Writer Says Civility Is A Tool Of White Supremacy

Ashley Nicole Black, a writer for Samantha Bee Full Frontal recently tweeted thatCivility is a tool of white supremacy“. If that`s the case, is she implying that non whites are uncivilized? Will she be fired for this racist statement? Will there be protests? Will Samantha Bee be pulled from the air? To answer that, probably not. Despite Samantha Bee calling First Lady Melania a c*nt without any repercussions, last year she also mocked a man who was at CPAC saying that he had a nazi haircut. As it turned out the man’s haircut was due to him having brain cancer. Despite these things her show is still on the air proving that if it weren`t for double standards the left wouldn`t have any at all.

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