Violent Interracial Attack On A Woman In Restaurant Stopped By Armed Bystander

Mimicking a brutal attack in Chicago in which a 28 year old black man brutally punched a 67 year old woman in the face, police in Milwaukee are now searching for a black man who punched a white woman in the face at a George Webb restaurant. In the video below you can see him walking up to the totally unsuspecting victim and punch her. A second woman who was present and had a concealed carry permit immediately engaged him and stopped the attack. In watching the video below it appears as if he intended to continue with his attack until being faced with the possibility of being shot. Had this second woman not been armed the attack could have been much worse. This is the at least the second time this week an armed citizen has stopped something that may have turned out much worse. In Dallas, Texas a woman whose children were in the back seat shot a carjacker in the head when he tried to steal her SUV.

These two examples exemplify the #GunRightsAreWomensRights campaign and we can`t imagine how worse these situations would have turned out had good citizens with guns not been able to defend themselves or their families and friends. The right to defend yourself is a universal right granted by the 2nd Amendment. There are plenty of other violent cities like Dallas and Milwaukee where the citizens are not able to do so and the push is on by democrats nationally to even restrict the ownership of certain guns and magazines. Unless you want to see someone you love become a victim, or become a victim yourself, make sure to get involved politically in defense of the 2nd Amendment. As we said here in reference to some of the outlandishness going on in Baltimore- When you do not take part in politics you allow people who do not represent your best interests to control you.

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