William Shatner Is The Latest To Be Called A Racist & Nazi Sympathizer

This past month, Laura Wilder, who is best known for authoring the Little House On The Prairie books, had her name stripped from an award issued by the Association for Library Service to Children. Why you ask? Well because “racism”. Yes once again racism is being used as an excuse to continue the cultural genocide that is currently taking place in Western society by those who hate Western society. William Shatner however disagreed with Laura Wilder`s name being removed saying on twitter “I find it disturbing that some take modern opinion and obliterate the past. Isn`t progress learning from our mistakes?“. This of course set of a firestorm from the alt left who began accusing him of being a racist and a nazi sympathizer. What`s funny about that accusation however is that William Shatner is Jewish, but the alt left doesn`t care about facts, choosing instead to use name calling and character assassination to advance their agenda. To his credit Shatner has not backed down from any of these people and has continued to engage them which has sent them off the deep end. As an example, while he was an actor on the show Start Trek, Shatner was praised for his kiss with Nichelle Nichols which was said to be the first interracial kiss in tv history. Hilariously a user on twitter found a way to accuse him of being racist for that saying- “did you need to be told Star Trek was racist? That having an interracial kiss ONLY when ALIENS have infected the crew is coded racism? Tell me you haven’t been patting yourself on the back all these years? That pat goes to Nichelle Nichols, not you“. This just goes to show that if you don`t back down to alt left bullies they will become more and more unhinged in their rage, and that my friends makes for some hilarious reading. 😀

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