SJW From Congo Emigrates To U.S. & Protests U.S. Policy. Ignores Atrocities In Her Own Country

Over the 4th Of July holiday, Therese Patricia Okoumou, a 44 year old social justice warrior who emigrated to the U.S. from the Congo shut down the Statue Of Liberty when she decided to climb it to protest The United States immigration policy. Most specifically, her protest was directed towards the policy that does not put children in jail with their parents when they illegally cross the border. Imo this is actually a good policy and I do not understand why the alt left would want children put in jails with their parents just to keep them from being separated. To point out the absurdity of this, say a man or woman gets caught robbing a convenience store. By the alt left`s logic, if the person arrested had a child, then that child would then be placed with them in jail until they are released. This is what they are advocating. Anyway, a point made this past week on the Bruce Elliot show about Therese Patricia Okoumou went something like this- Why didn’t she stay in her own country and fight for the children that are being kidnapped by Boko Haram in Africa? Why do these people flee oppression and violence in their own countries and then come to the U.S. where it is safe to do such a protest. They are nothing but cowards.

Aside from the kidnappings by Boko Haram, it should also be noted that in the Congo itself, an estimated 5 million people were killed in fighting between 1996 and 2003 in what was called the deadliest modern war in Africa. Return to such violence was feared just last year when it was reported that thousands were killed and more than a million displaced stemming from anti government protests. A statement given by Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the UN high commissioner for human rights, called the region a “landscape of horror”. The Bana Mura militia, which has been linked to the government, had carried out a string of ethnically motivated attacks in recent weeks, cutting off toddlers’ limbs and stabbing pregnant women, Zeid told the council. “Refugees from multiple villages … indicated that the Bana Mura have in the past two months shot dead, hacked or burned to death, and mutilated, hundreds of villagers, as well as destroying entire villages,” Zeid said. One aim may be to intimidate communities that have supported the insurgents.

Even more graphically, Reuters published an article here just 6 days ago titled “Mass rape, cannibalism, dismemberment: U.N. team finds atrocities in Congo war”. Among the atrocities it states that “… in one incident, at least 186 men and boys from a single village were beheaded by Kamuina Nsapu, many of whose members were children forced to fight, unarmed or wielding sticks, and were convinced that magic had made them invulnerable. Many such child soldiers were killed when FARDC soldiers machine-gunned them indiscriminately,”. 

So when you see Therese Patricia Okoumou spouting off on tv about how horrible the U.S. is in their treatment of people and children who illegally come to the United States, remember that she ran from a country where men women and children are killed en masse in political violence. Remember that she ran from a country where she herself may have been killed in political violence to come to a country that has afforded her a much better quality of life and one in which she herself has become a successful personal trainer. With that in mind, remember which country it is that she has decided to protest against. If she truly wants to be a social justice warrior, she should be deported back to the Congo where the fight for human rights is arguably needed more.

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