Womanhood Is Not A Costume

Ed Note: A lot of these posts are to call out double standards in the alt left’s ideology. In actuality it is really not our concern what other people do or how they live their life as long as they are not hurting someone else. If you want to play make believe and pretend you are a woman, more power to you, but don`t expect everyone else to live in your fantasy world as well. It should also be noted that the photo below is styled after a sjw campaign to attack Halloween

That being said, let the mocking of double standards begin 😀

Social justice warriors are always on the front-lines looking for perpetrators of cultural appropriation. In this era where the supposed #WarOnWomen is going at full steam, why do they not care about gender appropriation?

Via The Activist Mommy: This is what misogyny looks like in 2018! Womanhood is not merely a costume. It is a biological reality that includes the abilities and struggles of giving birth, nursing, menstruating, and menopause (just to name a few). Fight this false and unscientific ideology that steals the uniqueness of womanhood from us. #genderinsanity

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