Mass Media Outrage: 92 Year Old Man Beaten With Brick & Told To Go Back To Mexico. Story Disappears When Suspect Is Identified

“92 Year Old Man Beaten With Brick, Told To Go Back To Mexico”: That was the headline everywhere 2 days ago. The story was that 92 year old Rodolfo Rodriguez was on a walk when a woman who was walking passed him with her daughter knocked him down and then began hitting him with a brick or piece of concrete while yelling “Go back to your own country, Go back to Mexico”. 5 other people who were in the area joined in the beating.

This horrendous attack on an elderly man rightly upset most everyone. The left however was even more incensed as they immediately began blaming President Trump and white racism. As it turns out, a 30 year old black woman named Laquisha Jones was arrested for the attack. reports that this will be her 6th arrest since 2011, with past arrests being for loitering, prostitution, vandalism and criminal threats. This will be the second violent anti Mexican attack (that we know of) in Los Angelos in just 3 months. Back in May another black woman went on a racially motivated attack against a group of Mexicans in a 7-11. This trend is disturbing to say the least and it is apparent that Los Angelos needs some diversity tolerance programs for the African American community. Another disturbing trend is the elderly being targeted by the African American community. Last month in Chicago a 28 year old black man was arrested for brutally punching a 67 year old woman in the face, and we have also documented several stories of black men targeting the elderly in car jackings. This obsession with blaming whites for fake hate crimes while ignoring stories like the above mentioned ones (or jumping to conclusions) demonstrates the hypocrisy and the disgusting agenda of the left. It further shows that they do not care about people unless they can use them to their advantage. Leftist activist Amy Siskind has been accused of deleting a tweet in which she claimed that a racist white mother committed the attack on Rodlofo. It`s also reported that  Jeffrey Shaun King (who has been known to publish fake stories) originally tweeted about the attack as well but then later deleted it.  We wonder why.

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