LGBT Backlash Leads Scarlett Johansson To Quit Role As Trans Person

Scarlett Johansson had been picked for an upcoming movie to play Dante “Tex” Gill, a 1970`s crime boss who was born as Jean Gill. After threats and backlash from the lgbt community calling her a white cis gendered woman of privilege, she however dropped out of that role. The crux of the backlash was that they lgbt community felt an actual trans person should be playing that role. This is an interesting position coming from the left. They will applaud when a historically white character is played by a person of color, or a movie with a male cast is remade with all females, but demand that a trans person be played by an actual trans person. I`d say that there seems to be a lack of consistency here, but when you realize what group is regularly attacked in such cases you`ll see the consistency.

Btw, there seems to be a war going on between feminists and trans people in London. A recent pride march was interrupted by feminist protestors who claimed that the trans community was erasing lesbianism. The radical feminists disrupted the march and handed out anti trans fliers. As always with the left, this shows that tolerance is not a virtue. Just days later an image was projected saying Repeat After Us: Trans Women Are Women. Get out the popcorn folks and sit back and watch the show

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