12 Russians Indicted For Election Meddling. Real Election Integrity Begins With Voter ID Laws

12 more Russians have been indicted for election meddling. The timing of this announcement is obviously curious as it diverted the discussion away from the disastrous Peter Strozk testimony, and was also announced right before President Trump is to meet with Putin (possibly to sabotage it). Nevertheless we`ve been through this before and in the revelations it was shown that Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Michael Moore participated in a Russian organized rally.

While all the focus is on Russian meddling, which is really nothing more than an online propaganda campaign, the real focus should be on our own election laws. It`s funny that the left will scream that a handful of Russians have affected our elections, yet think millions of illegal immigrants combined with not enforcing voter id laws doesn`t. It should be a tell tale sign where democrats stand on election integrity when they regularly fight against voter ID laws in general.

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