10 Year Old Girl Killed In Mass Shooting. National Media & BLM Silent

A very tragic story out of Northeast D.C. is that of 10 year old Makiyah Wilson who was killed in a mass shooting while on her way to get ice cream. Police report that around 8 pm Monday night a car pulled into a housing courtyard and 4 masked individuals jumped out and open fired on a crowd of about 15-20 people. Several people were hit including Makiyah. Video is posted below and police are asking for information. What`s curious about this mass shooting is that it is not being talked about by mass media. Al Sharpton has not made any statements on it, there are no BLM protests being planned, etc. Several other recent mass shootings have also curiously been blacked out or swept under the rug. Do they not fit the narrative? Do people`s lives only matter when they can be used to advance an agenda?

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