How Will Leftist Anti Hate Fund Raising Groups Deal With The Anti Semitism Of The New Left?

A recent article from the New York Post asked the question with it`s title- “Will Schumer Drop Israel For Ocasio-Cortez?” This question is based on the staunch anti Israel position that embodies the new left and more specifically that of “the face of the new democrat party” Ocasio Cortez. In the past, any opposition to Israel immediately had you slammed as an anti semite. Groups like the SPLC and ADL would use it as a fundraiser and also as a way to silence criticism of whatever nefarious deeds they were involved in, much the same way the NAACP, La Raza etc call you racist when you bring up statistics about…

Anyway, I’m curious how these fund raising orgs who traditionally reside on the left are going to proceed in the future as the left is more anti semitic and absolutely unapologetic about it than the right ever was. The thing that makes the anti semitic left even more of a challenge to deal with is that while it was basically a fringe and taboo topic on the right, it is mainstream in leftist society including being rampant on college campuses and openly talked about by democrat politicians and activists. Will these groups that combat anti semitism start to tackle the rising tide on the left and add them to their hate map? Or will these traditionally leftist groups be swept away by the new left’s tide?

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