Mainstream Media Attacks Journalist Who Exposed Pro Pedophilia & Rape Tweets By Disney Director James Gunn

Yesterday, Disney director James Gunn was fired after tweets he made seemingly endorsing rape and pedophilia were brought to light. You would think that people would be commending Disney (a company dealing with children`s films) for firing a man who seemingly advocates for pedophilia. You`d also think that James Gunn would be shunned by mass media and Hollywood. If that`s what you thought you`d be wrong. Several media outlets including Huffington Post as well as Yahoo are actually attacking Michael Cernovich, the journalist who brought these tweets to light. One of the articles on yahoo`s sites calls him a “right wing provocateur”. Huffington Post ran a story calling him a “pizza gate pusher” and a right wing propagandist who manipulated public opinion during the 2016 election. Other stories including one which now seems to have been removed from yahoo straight out calls him a white supremacist. I don`t know what their logic is in this, but if you want to condemn the right or “white supremacy” you don`t do it by attacking them for being against pedophilia lol. Do you have any guesses on why the left would be defending a guy who made pro pedophilia tweets? It`s because to them it`s an Open Secret. They want to make pedophilia a sexual orientation and bring it into a mainstream acceptable lifestyle.

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