Private Sector Pledges Up To 3.8 Million Job Opportunities Under President Trump

I caught this segment the morning it was on and haven`t seen any other outlet talk about this since. Why not? A new program under President Trump will create almost 4 million new job pledges and job training from the private sector. In signing this executive order President Trump is doing more for the workers and future workers than the socialists and #FightForFifteen crowd. Unlike demanding $15 for flipping burgers or just plain giving people welfare, teaching people skills that has a value assigned to it allows them to support themselves and it allows the economy, businesses and society to flourish. Democrats on the other hand do not want you to be able to self sustain, they want to keep you enslaved to them through their social welfare programs. In explaining this new program Ivanka again is well poised and articulate. The left however would rather have women role models like Lena Dunham who tweets about french kissing animals the latest video at

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