Lack Of Outrage At Violent Anti Trump Image Proves That The Left Is The Establishment

The lack of outrage to a graphically violent image at One Grand Gallery in Portland showing President Trump`s throat being slit shows that the left is the establishment. The piece itself was created by an individual who calls himself Compton Creep, who claimed that it was just art and it was meant to be thought provoking. What`s ironic about this lack of outrage towards this violent image is that these are the same people who regularly call speech violence and try to censor music, art and speech that they disagree with. In this case there were no news outlets condemning the image, there was no one from Hollywood calling for tolerance, there was no cackling from the talking heads on the view, there were no democrat officials speaking out against it, no protests outside the store, nothing. The only outrage came from the general public. In a later interview, the owner of One Grand Gallery (who refused to give his name or show his face) stated that the image was removed only after being pressured by the public as well as his landlord. A duplicate image however is still on display in the store and is part of an exhibit titled art display titled “F*ck You Mr. President”. The left tries to put out the narrative that they are the little guy fighting an evil empire, but such instances prove that they themselves are the real establishment, and they have shown themselves to be completely unhinged.

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