The Meme War On California`s Straw War

California has declared a war on straws. They are so serious about it that in Santa Barbara, if you work in a restaurant you can not only get a $1,000 fine but you can also be sentenced to 6 months in jail for giving out plastic straws to customers. What`s the deal you ask? Seven years ago, a nine year old in Vermont called a bunch of straw makers and based on how many they made, he put out the claim that 500 million plastic straws were being used daily in America. Environmentalists then took this 9 year old`s claim and applied it to a large floating mass of junk in the pacific ocean. Even though the majority of the junk being found in this mass came from the Asian fishing industry, plastic straws became the scapegoat and the rush to ban them was on. Seattle became the first city to ban them. Starbucks announced they`d go straw less in all their stores. The environmentalists praised them despite the fact that their new straw less lids uses the same if not more plastic. The entire state of California jumped on the bandwagon as well. Of course with California being the backwards state of legislation that it is, where plastic straws are illegal but knowingly exposing others to HIV is not, the meme war has started.

San Francisco has been getting a lot of negative attention for the squalor in the streets. Tent cities, people shooting up and defecating in the streets. It`s so bad that a major medical that a $40 million medical convention cancelled it`s event there. Nevertheless, this is all fine. Plastic straws however…

The Possible Modifications meme`s started after a USA Today video showed possible modifications that could be made to AR-15`s. Hilariously, one of the modifications it showed was a chainsaw bayonet. Hence the Straw Bayonet Modification below 😀

  The straw ban has also led to the Molon Labe- Come And Take It meme and the subsequent black market on straws that will inevitably come about

Finally, this is what happens when you ask for a straw in a California restaurant

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