9th Circuit Court Says Trump Supporter`s Lawsuit Against San Jose Officials Can Proceed

In what initially was kind of a shock, I have to say I`ve been pretty impressed with some of the rulings coming from the 9th Circuit Court recently. This past month they`ve made two rulings upholding the 2nd Amendment. The first was one that blocked California`s magazine ban, and the second is one that ruled that citizens are allowed the right to open carry. A new decision from the 9th has allowed a lawsuit to go through that was filed against San Jose officials. In June of 2016 a pro Trump rally took place in the city in which the people there rallying for Trump were viciously beaten and attacked. The lawsuit alleges that the police forced them to walk through the mob of protestors and then refused to intervene when they were attacked. It alleges that these orders were given by the mayor and the police chief. It`s good to see this lawsuit being allowed to go through as we have seen this scenario over and over in other cities, most tragically in Charlottesville where the refusal of police to prevent a riot led to the death of Heather Heyer. In that case, a report stated that the Charlottesville police chief ordered a stand down. These people need to be held accountable.

This video is from the San Jose rally and shows a mob of violent leftists attacking a women

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