Mass Shooting Leaves 3 Dead and 7 Injured in New Orleans. National Media Silent

30 year old Jeremiah Lee died in front of the Chicken & Watermelon on South Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans, one of several victims in a mass shooting there Saturday night. Police suspect that Jeremiah, who is believed to have relations with the 3NG street gang, was being targeted when he ran into a crowd of about 20 people outside of a strip mall to try and escape his shooters. His attempt to hide in the crowd however led to 9 other people being shot with 2 of them dying.  It was reported that after firing into the crowd and hitting Jeremiah, that the suspects stood over Jeremiah and repeatedly shot him before fleeing on foot toward Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The other 2 victims were a 38 year old man and a young unidentified woman who died in front of a Cricket store. This is yet another mass shooting that has received little to no mass media coverage. Another mass shooting in New Orleans in 2015 left 17 injured at a playground where hundreds were gathered for a music video. Do these tragedies not fit their agenda? Read about other recent ones here and here that have gone mostly unreported as well.

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