Today`s Headline In Racism: Powerlifting Has A Nazi Problem

Similar to the series we do titled Social Justice  Warriors To The Rescue, this is our Today’s Headline In Racism. This one will address everything racist that white people are accused of. Some past horrific examples that emanate racism include schools serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as “women in interracial relationships are still racist”. Read more stories of racism here.

Today`s story comes to us by someone named Haley who has decided that “powerlifting has a nazi problem“. As you might expect it is full of social justice warrior rhetoric and attempts to make connections between a bunch of unrelated points. It combines a completely unrelated statement from the splc with some statistics of unrelated hate crimes in New York, some statements about anti semitism, an unrelated statement about Charlottesville and a few other things that are completely unrelated to powerlifting and tries to tie them in to her “powerlifting / nazi” argument. The only specific example given is a mention of the Wolves Of Vinland / Operation Werewolf who she wrongly slanders as being a “hate group” and “white supremacists”.

There is a note saying that Haley the author “has chosen not to include her last name due to personal safety concerns”, but it`s obvious she didn`t want to give her last name to avoid ridicule for such an asinine article. I`ve tried to wrap my head around the logic of this article in order to provide a retort to it, but again, it is nothing more than a rambling opinion piece that holds no specific examples of the supposed “nazism” she sees other than the statement that it is a majority white sport. I guess technically that statement can justify her point as just like the “reds under your bed” paranoia of the 1950’s, the paranoid mind of your everyday social justice warrior does in fact see anything that is majority white as emblematic of racism and nazism. This paranoia about white people is no excuse for their slander, hatred and intolerance however. These people need some diversity training.

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