The Violent Left: Democrat Shoots Man After Online Political Argument

Egged on by reckless rhetoric from mass media and democrat officials like Low IQ Maxine Waters, the last 2 years has seen a disturbing increase in violence from the left. There`s been people mailing suspicious powders to elected officials and their families, attacks from alt left terrorists like antifa, threats against elected officials and their families, and even the attempted murder of elected officials. Another anti Trumper was arrested last year charged with shooting his GOP committee man neighbor in the head and killing him. We posted last month about the man arrested for threatening to kill the children of a Florida Republican rep, and not long after another one is arrested for making violent threats towards elected officials. There are plenty more stories and they keep coming.

The latest is from Tampa, Florida where 44 year old Brian Sebring reportedly got into an online political argument with Alex Stephens on facebook. Somewhere along the line, Alex Stephens gave Sebring his address and invited him to come settle the argument in person. Sebring obliged and showed up at his house and allegedly shot Alex Stephens when he was confronted. Stephens who was shot in the thigh and buttocks was taken to the hospital where he was treated for non life threatening injuries. Sebring is a registered democrat who follows Barack Obama on twitter. His facebook page shows that he “likes” groups like, Proud Liberals, The Young Turks, and a number of other radical left and Anti Trump pages.

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