While Mass Media Whines About How They Are Treated By Trump, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans Reporters From Public Town Halls & Antifa Physically Attacks Them

Last week approximately 350 mass media outlets colluded in an attack on President Trump, whining about how he has treated the media, saying he is a danger to free press. They have also expressed concern that his supporters will attack them based on his rhetoric.

Three points on this:

1. Far left democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has banned reporters from several of her public town halls after complaining about how she has been treated by them in the past. The complaints stem from her being “hounded” by the press at one meeting, as well as having her statements fact checked by media. Apparently she does not want to be held responsible or called out for making false statements in these meetings. What`s ironic about this, is that the same mass media that calls Trump a danger to the free press have said nothing about this.

2. Some of these outlets are the same ones who defend or are silent on the fact that censorship regularly takes place on social media. They are also silent on or defend it when entire outlets are banned or censored

3. They say Trump creates a climate of hatred against the media and are worried his supporters will attack them, yet said nothing about being physically attacked and threatened by the violent alt left group antifa. In a sad but hilarious double standard, CNN`s Chris Cuomo who regularly complains about President Trump for criticizing the media, cucked so hard to antifa that he actually defended their violence

It seems like the media picks and chooses what they want to be outraged about. It should be telling that they do not complain about these far left groups that attack them or the fact that they are silent when speech / entire outlets that they do not agree with are banned. When you hear people sound the alarm about the danger of state run media, it is based on the government seizing control of it and using it for their own propaganda. What`s disturbingly evident however is that the state run media is already in place, they are just waiting on their Great Leader.

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