Mollie Tibbets Murdered By Illegal Immigrant: Liberals / Democrats Have Blood On Their Hands

Sadly the search for missing 20 year old Mollie Tibbets, who went missing after going for a jog in Iowa, has ended tragically after an illegal immigrant who was questioned by police led them to her body. 24 year old Christhian Bahena Rivera, who is believed to have been in the U.S. illegally for 4-7 years has been since charged with first degree murder. This is yet another life of an American that has been taken by an illegal immigrant and is a direct result of liberal / democrat open border policies. They have blood on their hands.

Midterm elections are coming up! Don`t fall into the “voting won`t change anything” trap that is used to silence you in the electoral process. Anyone that advocates for open borders / sanctuary policies needs to be voted out!

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