The Big Tech Companies Are Having A Secret Meeting To Discuss Election Strategy

As you know, the big tech companies have engaged in some egregious acts of censorship. After they lost the election in 2016 the social media companies have been on a campaign to ban and censor anyone that doesn`t fall in line with their political ideology. Many people know about online censorship as it has been a major issue recently, but they do not know that the banks, credit card companies and online payment companies like square and paypal have refused to do service with companies that don`t fall in line with their political ideology as well. Numerous online businesses and stores have had their payment processors as well as credit card companies refuse to do business with them. And this blacklisting goes beyond just online stores. In an effort to work around the government and subvert our 2nd Amendment rights, banks and credit card companies have refused to do business with stores / people who sell guns as well. And just to point out how wide spread this is, David Horowitz has claimed that “The David Horowitz Freedom Center has had their donation processing system blocked by Visa and Mastercard allegedly following a campaign by the Southern Poverty Law Center.” Imagine in the future having every financial institution refuse to do business with you because they do not agree with how you think. People sound the alarms about government tyranny, but this is tyranny from the private companies therefore people don`t seem to care as much, but it is is just as dangerous. It is financial terrorism to enforce conformity. The same with online censorship. If it was the government doing it everyone would be up in arms, but because it is privately owned businesses doing this the left says they have that right. The fact is that when only a handful of outlets control the flow of information that you have access to, it is nothing less than fascism and tyranny.

That brings us to today`s post. Leading up to the midterms, the big tech companies are having a secret meeting (this is called collusion) where they will no doubt be conspiring on how to further censor those who do not fall into their political ideology. This is called election interference. They do not want outlets that will challenge their liberal narrative and are labeling them as Russian outlets or hate outlets and banning them with impunity. We have done quite a few posts addressing big tech censorship that you should read through here. As we said here– “When you hear people sound the alarm about the danger of state run media, it is based on the government seizing control of it and using it for their own propaganda. What`s disturbingly evident however is that the state run media is already in place, they are just waiting on their Great Leader.

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