The Repugnant Racist Opposition At The Thought Of Helping South African Farmers From The Alt Left & It`s Mass Media Associates

The alt left community as well as it`s member associates in mass media were beyond triggered last week when President Trump tweeted in support of investigating the abuses against the Boer in South Africa, abuses which include government land seizures as well as the murders of farmers. Just to make this clear, he didn`t implicate anyone etc, he just asked that these claims be investigated. You`d think that the thought of fighting for justice for people who are being abused because of their skin color would be celebrated, but apparently this isn`t the case for White South African farmers. Numerous outlets who in the past have admitted that the South African government will be seizing farms suddenly changed course and began posting articles contradicting these claims. A screenshot from Yahoo (who is known for their racially biased double standards) is posted below. An article posted by Jennifer Williams on Vox about Trump`s tweet even said “Whether or not it’s actually true is irrelevant.“.

The racial bias and hatred being put out by these establishment media outlets reflects the current climate of the left as a whole. Quit pretending otherwise

Below is a documentary by Lauren Southern about the Boer

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