Sadiq Khan Bikini Blimp To Be Flown Over London

Last month a bunch of triggered snowflakes flew a balloon of President Trump in a diaper outside of Parliament Square in London. The reason they did so- because they are more concerned with emotion rather than logic. In short, President Trump hurts their feelings. In the mean time, as they are protesting the leader of another country, London has devolved into a violent gang ridden city. This has led to one man starting a fundraiser to create and fly a Sadiq Khan balloon. The balloon, which shows him wearing a bikini, was designed in jest to one of Khan`s first decisions upon taking office- the banning of a woman in a bikini on the city`s buses. At the time he entered office, the London bus service had banners on them of a woman in a bikini with the caption- Are You Beach Body Ready? Sadiq Khan proclaimed that these ads promoted an unhealthy body image and had them banned, although his critics still claim that he banned these ads to appease the large Muslim population of London who believe women should be covered head to toe.

So in short, on one hand you have the left who made a balloon to protest someone who hurt their feels, and on the other you have everyday Londoner`s who pitched in to protest a man who is more concerned with baning an image of a woman then confronting the very real soaring crime rates.

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