Female Ethiopian Immigrant Kicked Out Of Restaurant. National Media & SJW`s Silent

This is another one of those stories in which a person of color is allegedly assaulted and denied service at a restaurant, yet their story gets completely ignored by the mainstream media as well as the social justice community because it doesn`t fit their narrative. After the fake Starbuck`s story about black men being arrested for being black, a national conversation was imposed on us all by our leftist overlords dealing with tolerance for poc and their dining experiences. In this case however, an Ethiopian immigrant named Jalele and her friends were kicked out of a restaurant and refused back in by a white doorman. While he claims it was because they were cut off from drinking, she alleges it was because of her Trump hat and uses her previous exchanges between customers and staff to back this up. This story was originally posted on Milo Yiannopoulos`s site. I did a google search to look up more information but I found absolutely zero other articles about it. It`s kind of funny that a man like Milo whom the left calls a racist nazi is the only one reporting on a black Ethiopian woman being kicked out of a restaurant.

An almost identical story happened to a man named Eugenoir Joseph who was assaulted in a Florida Cheesecake Factory restaurant for wearing a MAGA hat. His story received no national outrage from the alt left media outlets or the social justice community either.

Another black female was harassed so bad by the tolerant left that she ultimately deleted her twitter account, and the harassment another woman received from the tolerant left led her ultimately to commit suicide. None of these people seem to be worthy enough for mass media or the social justice community, which just proves they do not care about people, they only care about their totalitarian agenda. You can read the entire story about Jalale here as well as her being assaulted by antifa and being dumped by her boyfriend for supporting Trump.

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